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2023年7月 6日 (木)

It's Okay to have only one person

The renowned Japanese critic, the lateKato Shuichi , stated, "It's okay to be alone." -?- This statement does not advocate for the stoic endurance of elderly men's solitary lives. Instead, it highlights the significant impact of having foreign friends in enhancing one's sensitivity towards peace,'' It's Okay to have only one person'',

in Japanese it means also ''being alone.''

This concept might be a tangible manifestation of the peace vision that constitutional scholar Aoi Miho  describes as "going beyond Article 9, transcending nations."

I consider myself somewhat qualified since I have invited Dr. Seoc-Kyun Woo (Co-Representative of the Korean Humanitarian Physicians Association) to give a lecture in Ube and have become acquainted with him for a long time. The interpreter, Ms.Huang, may only have a professional connection there, so it could simply be a one-way communication.

Hence, I believe that providing opportunities to individuals in my surroundings who lack such chances is a form of my servant leadership, albeit in a limited capacity.

For example, by continuing the book club of Han Kang, the preeminent female novelist in Korea, and eventually reaching a joint reading session with corresponding groups in Korea.


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