2013年4月 2日 (火)

’ Health Promotion for Jusitice’・・・New name for New stage of the Health -Strategy to aim at the right to health

I am thinking about    new  name  for new stage of the  health -strategy to aim at the right to health  that had been initiated by Amartya Sen's thought.

It is necessary to recognize that there is a historical transition in WHO's health -strategies.

The first stage was "Primary health care" PHC. This went out strongly a medical biology side, and ended in infectious disease control only (partial PHC). It can be said that it failed in the incentive-making of health- creation by resident's social participation.

The second stage is Health promotion HP.Though it almost completed in the idea,the clue of practice was not obtained, it fell  into  self-responsibility theory  and  overemphasis of   empowerment  individual lifestyle like Japanese "Healthy Japan 21"  and United States' "Healthy people 2000"   in  the large wave of neoliberalism globalization, and it failed .

The third stage is  on the epoch where the Health promotion discovered the direction of advancement along "Social determinats of health" SDH (→ 'solid facts') that is the maximum factor to decide health by obtaining arms of social epidemiology.

Michael Marmot  is the leading person of  this movement.

By it  health-strategy and the right  to health  hado become the acquisition targets with the scientific basis from the subjective effort target and the wish .

However, there is no name  for the third stage yet. The content is not reflected in "New Health promotion".

SDH Health promotion (HP-SDH)  can not catch a lot of people's hearts .

ComprehensiveHP(CHP)is too official.

Scientific HP is like the scientific socialism.

Might "HP for the justice"   be too passionate ?

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2012年5月18日 (金)

Shoichi Inoue and Tetsuzo Fuwa

Tetsuzo Fuwa is making remarks on the existence of the feudalism revolution for 400 years from the Kamakura Shogunate to the Tokugawa Shogunate many times.

It was not to have proven the real existence of feudalism revolution by Mr. Fuwa who was not the specialist .

How about the real existence of the feudalism revolution?

Shoichi Inoue who always writes interesting and entertaining books has written this book some seriously.

The description of the history of current Japan especially emphasizes the Kamakura Shogunate approval .
It keeps describing the extreme misinterpretation ofTokyo's having built up a sturdy political power escaping from the influence of weak Kyoto by "Tokyo-centered history view".

The history of Japan synchronizes with the history of the world.

The Han and the Roman Empire represent the ancient times. TheMiddle
Ages follows them. Feudalism is  the alias of this age.

Neither Asuka, Nara nor the Heian era that is called ancient times of Japan are actually
ancient times. At this point, it was the Middle Ages when it had already reflected after
the Han empire had collapsed.

Therefore, the history of Japan has no ancient times ,and ,have started from the Middle Ages.

It is not unusual, and the clan societies around the great empire, that is, Germanic various families and Japan are examples for it.

Therefore, the Kamakura Shogunate approval is not a big incident that draw the Middle Ages from ancient times, and there were no difference between the court noble and the samurai. It is a kernel of "Tokyo -centered historical view" ideology.

Then,the modern ages began in Renaissance of Europe the15 century and in Song dynasty of China the 10th century ,and in Ounin War of Japan the 15th century.Japanese life pattern after that has not changed basically. The feature at the early modern age is a start of the tendency to forming national states opposite to the
empire that bundles multi races ,the rise of commerce, the development of the money economy, and multiracial.

As the reason, the approval of the government of Edo was not to completion of feudalism, but further deepening at the early modern age though not being written clearly by Mr. Inoue. It continues naturally while becoming the mother's womb of capitalism at the Meiji era.

I sympathize at basic posture because world history is linked with the history of Japan.

"The feudalism revolution" is a word representing the "Tokyo -centered historical view in which Mr. Fuwa has been caught.

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2012年5月14日 (月)

"Empire" and "Imperialism state" have quite different conceptions

Because ,"Empire" and "Imperialism state" have quite different conceptions a lot of people can 't  understand  the writing of Japanese Marxist Koujin Karatani well.

For instance,who can understand that prewar Japan was not  an"Empire" but "Imperialism state" ,though   prewar Japan  called oneself an"Empire"?

Here, it will  be made clearly .

-  An empire is an union of multiracial by  rules of some  philosophy,or  some law, or  some religion.  An example  is  the Roman Empire .

-  An imperialism state  is  a style  of a national state 
expanded by capitalism logic, and  ruling another race. The one that grew  great  power exceptionally  among  some imperialism states is called a hegemony state. Up to now, the Netherlands and Britain and the United States have played the role of the hegemony state. There is no true hegemony state now.

- An imperialism state doesn't become an empire. On the other hand, the empire makes it to an imperialism state.

- The United States is one imperialism state  that falls from a hegemony state . Antonio Negri called the United States an
empire because  the United States kept  a decision of the U.N. at the Gulf War 1990. And  the United States was pleased. Afterward ,Negri was proven to be wrong by an independent action in Iraq War2003  of the United States.

- However,when  national states gather like EU,  a new empire is made.  And Japan Communist Party calls EU as capitalism under  the  democratic rule .

- But the empire named EU  will changes  to a new imperialism state  though competitions  against  the United States and Japan, China, etc.

- China, Russia, India, and the sphere of Islam have
possibility of appearing as empires.

And a new global warfare will haveareality  when these new empires make it to imperialismstate  in the capitalism competition.

-  The global warfare of the 21st century will become a crueller war that purely fights over the hegemony though the global warfare of the 20th century was a territory acquisition war to acquire the outside of capitalism by the imperialism states  .

- The human race will survive by the highly developed new United Nations's being established afterwards if the war happens. If it cannot be done, it is ruined.

- If pacifism succeeds moreover, and the global warfare is held off, the highly developed United Nations will be established ,too.

- After all, the United Nations develops when the global warfare happens or the global warfare can be held off, the world republic can peel off, and, in any case, it is caused to advance one step. This is inevitable of the history for the human race to survive.

- The world faces "World federation" and "World republic" that Kant viewed.

Well, subjects of the entire sentences start having an extremely peculiar history by China, and clarifying keeping the empire from the age of [**] from China the feature theme of this magazine. It is assumed that the rule is Confucism.

Even if China changes this ahead, being maintained, and not separating into a lot of national nations are the expectation of the author in the appearance of the Confucianism empire and China.

The opinion of the specialist of a Chinese history is not collected.

It is assumed that it keeps it as an opinion of the handle valley there, and there is a part where the opinion of the handle valley of the Tibet problem cannot be understood.

Why is it at that says, "Han Chinese was reversely discriminated because it gave preferential treatment to the Tibet people and the Uighur people, and the Tibet Uighur problem was caused"?

Is it Han Chinese that demands the Tibet independence that lives in Tibet?It must be confusion of the handle valley.

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2011年12月25日 (日)

Primary health care,Health promotion , 'Solid facts' ・・・・their differences

 I feel incompatibility   when  someone  usese three  technical terms ,primary health care, health promotion ,and 'sold facts' related to WHO as  they have quite  same  meanig.

If  they have same meaning, three  terms are unnecessary . An important  thing must  be concealed in the difference of  three terms.

I'm  afraid  that my story  may  be  wrong.

However, I will write  my  idea now  to record  from where I  begin this discussion .

The movement  for primary health care had started by Declaration of Alma-Ata in 1978.
It was  a strategy  of  the advanced countries for  continuous control of  their former colonies  and  lower workers . That  intended  the relief of the most poor layer not  all people.

The movement  for health promotion was started from the Ottawa charter in 1986.
In the 1970's Europe had serious advanced country recession and the globalization that had become remarkable in Japan in the 1990's. Health promotion  was induced this political and economical  situation.
The difference  between  the primary healthcare and health promotion  is whether for   poorest layer or for all layers.

At first ,health promotion was eclectic for US style(individual empowerment ) and Eueopean style( improvement of  social condition ),i.e.,allowing the self-responsibility principle of the health of US  style. .
But,Jakarta declaration 1997  had established  the posture overcoming   social  determinants   which  induce  diseases.

1998, WHO European secretariat announced  the 'solid  facts' that  contained two introduction items and eight  detailed discussions of  social determinants of health .

In 2005 , the Bangkok charter made this tendency clearer. And, the Marmot review announced in 2010 in England  has extended  in advanced countries. The posture of the self-responsibility pursuit of health is not here.

The declaration of Alma-Ata, the Ottawa charter, the Jakarta declaration, and the Bangkok charter are continuous and discontinuous.

Primary  health care is for only poorest people ,
Health promotion is for all persons ,but under  the self responsibility principle,
and  'Solid facts' is beyond  the self responsibility principle ,so is truely for all persons.

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2011年5月29日 (日)

Let's make Mr.Tetsunari Iida Yamaguchi Prefectural governor

I think about  next  Yamaguchi Prefectural governor election .

The person named Tetsunari Iida is an environmental energy specialist who  is from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

He says the following.
All money that a  rural Japanese  paid much  to the electric power company is found outside the country. Therefore, no matter how a  rural area sells the special goods, money doesn't remain in  hand.
However, if natural energy is made and used  in the rural  area, the area becomes rich .

I notice  that on this  way   it is able to recover  poor  rural areas  beside  rich urban areas  even a little if it did so.
Yamaguchi Prefecture will  change when Mr. tetsunari Iida becomes Yamaguchi Prefectural governor, I think seriousness.

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2011年5月10日 (火)

The End of the receipt of the Western Europe culture by the east Asian nations and the border issue of Japan

Danger toward to the third World War caused by the capitalistic development  of  China and India  which demand  new  subdivision  of the global market has been pointed out already widely.

However, to realize it  will be the end  of the humankind history . The measures might conclude the reforms of the United Nations,and the formation of a regional community that follows EU.

And, only the latter,that is,the regional community formation to follow EU  becomes  the conclusion of the receipt of the Western Europe culture  by the east Asian nations including Japan since the 19th century.

 Then,the Western Europe  culture receipt  by East  Asia for about 200 years will be
completed  and the assumption of the global peace   will become  there. Afterwards, the problem of Western Europe culture  receipt by East Asia will not exist.

Shozo Fujii "Rojin - literature to live in east Asia" Iwanami-shinsyo 2011 sharply points out that Mao Zedong's or  Yosimi Takeuchi 's understanding  Rojin greatly wrong  in each way. Rojin-literature begins to be regarded as the common property that ties east Asia as a  literature that fought hard about the problem how the east Asian exceeds the Western Europe  cultre receipt.

Moreover,   2 articles in tha magazine "Sekai" Iwanami-syoten special  volume "East Asia of not new Cold War but live-and-let-live" 2011 become  good references .

Haruo Nishihara "Think about the future of east Asia in the flow of a big history" and Masaji  Shinagawa "Do not look at China by the United States' eyes" .

When I read these ariticles ,I think    the annoying border issue of Japan between China, South Korea, and Russia is a problem of not solving by the insistence of  hitorical rights  by Japan through all eternity .

A regional community foramation  will  eliminate the border from real life, and change  it into the fiction on the map.

You may say the border is lost again , because there was no border in the world from the beginning,and that it is historical inevitable from dialectic.

When ' a great state  of nuclear powe plant  'Japan became the root of the big misfortune of east Asia  that  disregardede the border  , thinking about disappearance  the border of east Asia will not be coincidence .

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2010年12月28日 (火)

Saeki Keisi"the Japanese Nation as I see it"

Political economist who represents the left wing in Japan Watanabe Osamu said to me, "Pay a little attention to Saeki
Keisi ".

Mr. Watanabe said, "His insistence as  a  communitarian is interesting", although Saeki is a typical critic of the right wing in Japan.

I bought Saeki 's "the Japanese Nation as I see it" (2010)in  a bookstore in Shin-Osaka  Station on December 23.

Saeki's  insistence opposed the Koizumi structural reform is sharp.

(50-page) "All the results do not belong to a  individual person because the individual ability appears socially  in cooperation with others " is completely corresponding to my  thought.

Saeki  opposes to the stockholder sovereignty theory of the company in support of Drucker who valued the social responsibility of the enterprise.  He wishes that the deterioration of people's living situations  will be stopped.

(Page 182)"Life and  speech activity of the person who opposes the  Japanese constitution after the war 2 is defended also  under the system of  present constitution ."

"A social community is more important than the individual" is corresponding to a social epidemiology for health.

Saeki points out the possibility that the global warfare happens because of a rapid gaining power of China and Russia at the end.

Saeki refers sharply  the possibility that small country Japan cornered to China and Russia makes the chance of the war、the scond  "manshu-jihen".

When  a political power   that  makes  the Self Defense Forces troop to Senkaku Islands and Chisima islands robs of the public prop, this will be realized.

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2010年8月11日 (水)

Fuwa Tetsuzo " Marx is alive" Heibonsha shinsyo,2009. 'in 1940 Stalin had approved the joining of the Soviet Union to the triple alliance (Japan-Germany- Italy Axis) and development into quadruple'

This book was  published  for poor  young  men  last  year,and sold considerably.

There is no especially new discoveries though some ideas on the description is felt .

But I feel  some admiration that the latest matter has been taken to a small book well.

In the chapter of materialism and dialectic, the history of materialism, dialectic, and physics is concisely explained.
That is,
①Hierarchy of nature on which Engels insist
②Opinion of Lenin "Even the electron is not completely understood".
③Discovery of meson by Yukawa Hideki
④Contribution of  Taketani mitsuo and Sakata Shoichi to theory of elementary particles
⑤Kobayashi -  Masukawa theory.
I think that it is very interested posture that Mr. Fuwa evaluates  Taketani Mitsuo  who seems to had  some distance with Japanese Communist Party.

In the chapter of economics, the whole image of the 'panic 'theory that would  be completed  by Marx  if he  were alive more is comprehensibly shown.  Mr. Fuwa  searches for the possibility of Marx .

In the chapter of the revolution theory, Stalin's changing in quality is described in detail. The fact that in 1940 Stalin had approved the joining of the Soviet Union to the triple alliance  (Japan-Germany- Italy  Axis) and development into quadruple  is important. It shivers in some respects the possibility that the worst non-human world arose after World War if it approves, though this was not realized by Hitler's policy reversal.

This book is considerably interesting for the person who is pursuing the writing of Mr. Fuwa.
However, it is a doubt whether the interest has neatly reached the reader because the description is a little monotonous.

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2010年7月13日 (火)

Let's tell the story of 'Justice' just now.

The House of Councilors election voted on July 11 ended by the result in which the the Democratic Party retreted and the Liberal Democratic Party recovered . The excitement and the expectation of the change of power by the general election on August 30 2010 also disappeared. Only  that two main political parties have agreed  to greatly  raise  the consumption tax rate is remained.

The alternation from Hatoyama Cabinet to  Kan Cabinet means a substantial end of last year's change of power and the revival of the Koizumi restructuring.

Hatoyama former Prime Minister's essence is neoliberalism. However, he was conscious best of whether last year's change of power was supported by what kind of people's expectations. Therefore, he aimed at the achievement of the policy such as the transfer of the Futenma base outside the prefecture or to foreign, child treatments, and  making public high schools'  fee  free  to the last minute.

Mr. Hatoyama called the uneasiness of the United States and  Japanese financial circles and the hard repulsions by them, and became the result of surrender to them finally and the retirements. Mr. Ozawa who had been aiming at the revival of the profit inducement politics of the Tanaka Kakuei  type was repelled by them at the same time,too. Therefore,  Kan Cabinet has become a pure neoliberalism political power.

The promise of Kan  Cabinet to  Japanese  financial  circles was   the consumption tax hike and the corporate tax reduction. Kan Cabinet promised the United States  deepening  of mutual agreement of between Japan and the U.S..

Edano chief secretary directed the renewal of Constitution Research Council of the Democratic Party and stepped forward his foot in the direction of  Revision to the Constitution at the same time.

And, the result of the House of Councilors election is the worst. Non regular workes frightened to the dismissal and unemployment became with urban  businessmen in the higher classes whose profits are conflicted with non regular workers essentially , and supported neoliberalism parties,Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party, and "Minnnanotou " Party .

Recall Marx's writing "Brumaire18 of Louis Bonaparte " (1852). The constituent  may choose the  political power that suppresses and persecutes himself.

By  this reason  Koizumi Cabinet had become long-term political power.

Today's situation is more serious.

It is certain that medicine, nursing, welfare, and education will be further rounded down under the pretext of "Regional sovereignty" in the future.

Now,the book of Michael J. Sandel 's "Let's tell the story of 'Justice' in the future" (Hayakawa Publishing) is best-selling . It is citizens' common sense that talking about 'Justice' is necessary to oppose neoliberalism. We should also desperately talk about 'Justice' of the medicine,

nursing, and welfare.

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2010年7月 7日 (水)

As to education of bioethics in Japan: My brief memorandum

1:Kagawa Tomoaki ”Reflection on bioethics education:  at University"

-The bioethics education of Japan has started since the latter half of the 1980's. The content was the one that had been imported directly from the United States.

- When the development passage of the United States bioethics was traced, it started first as a criticism of "Paternalism in the medical treatment" . "Ethics of the medicine" obtained the opportunity that developed into "Bioethics" exceeding old   "Physicianship  ethics".

- The possibility that the nonspecialist talked about "Ethics of the medicine" was caused along with the patient's participation in the medical treatment. It is a concept that informed consent ranges to this, too.

- Mr.  Johnsen  who was the master of  Dr.Shirahama Masashi  explained that  major principles  of clinical ethics  are,
"Autonomy, favor (the profit in the maximum and  the harm  in the minimum ), and fair" .

- However, bioethics discovered another problem. It was  a problem of locating the development of new Medical Technology in the society.

- The rule of the human experimentation of the one of the medicine was made by
the society . The human experimentation of the disregard for human rights to the black and the prisoner was prohibited by the rule.
However, a national restriction of the brain death organ transplant became a problem assuming that it was more important than it. In the discussion,
the minimum ethics ,that says   "If  it  is  a self-decision, and if others are  not harmed, everything  is permitted"  became  a  principle .

- Engelhardt's "Concept of the character in the medicine" appeared while applying the the  minimum ethics principle  to the brain death organ transplant. He thought about a biological life and a character life distinguishing. That is, though the person who is the brain death is biologically alive, but  he already doesn't exist in the character, and has the significance of  his existence  only  by giving others his  internal organs .

This became bioethics grounds that affirmed the brain death organ transplant.

- Time in which introducing the United States bioethics becomes researcher's achievement continues for a long time in Japan. The bioethics education at the university is done under the flow.
Such Japanese bioethics  has no  future.

2: Ootani Izumi ."Narrative  on  the life and the death - to revolutionize Japanese  education  of the life and  the death  "

- "Education of the life and the death" is active in the elementary school and the junior high school in Japan. However, the author, Ootani   thinks  it  extremely dangerous.

- Because   the  bioethics education leads  no criticism for  an up-to-date medical treatment ,and the death education leads the affirmative of the medical expenses  for the elderly   

- In the bioethics education,  students are made to think "it is correct  that the life  on excessive life-sustaining treatment  is  meaningless,and  should refuse more treatment "

The education  that   teaches  the self-decision to exercise "Right-to-die  is imported  direct ly  from the United States.

- The educator should notice that such an inducement is wrong .

- A necessary education fosters the intellect that can recognize the cruel, non-human power relation concealed behind being insisted as common sense. Moreover, it overcomes the inside eugenics  thought  that ranks man by the ability, and starts abandoning man with inferior ability.

It discovers absolute value of man  that  exists  in  every bodies.

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«the revised Organ Transplant Law enforced on July 17